A Leading Australian
Educational Consultancy

We guide international students with specific special requirements finding their best educational option in Australia.

We have studied and live abroad Like y%y%ou, we were once dre%y%aming and wanting to d%b%o so%b%mething different. We wanted to travel, to learn, to live. To e%y%xperience life.

None of us found it easy, but it was so rewarding Through our real-life experience, we can make your dream come true. Difference is, you will have a real team with real experience to guide you every step of the way until the very last day.

We will allow you to make your dreams achievable and enjoyable

We know taking this decision means you are putting your life, savings, and dreams in our hands We receive them wearing gloves of care, experience and professionalism

What we do

Understanding your specific situation/requirements Helping you choose a program that suits you Giving you tools to make decisions when in doubt Suggesting an appropriate location based on your profile Walking you through the process Holding your hand when having second thoughts Making the visa process look like an easy-peasy one Smoothing your landing into the new country Helping you enjoying the ride Being there for you when in need


We aim to help anyone wh%y%o doesn’t fit in the masses and wishes to%b% study abroad, travel, and have life experience.

We are aware it’s not easy to find a counsellor that can focus on some processes that need all the seriousness, professionalism and privacy expected. It takes time, knowledge and lots of commitment.

We want to give individual guidance based on your specific/special requirement.

“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique, without diversity, life would be very boring.”

Catherine Pulsifer

How do we do this?

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to your own story,
desires, wishes and

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about your
preferences and
special needs

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your personality, your
inner hidden call

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your unique requirements,
limitations, fears and

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continuously about the
country and its many

Sounds awesome!
How do we start?

We are in different timezones, so we
communicate thanks to technology.
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In the beginning, we will ask you lots of questions to make sure we are the appropriate ones to guide you
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Once we both have a plan agreed upon, the process is straightforward and we will guide you in every step

It sounds easy, no?
Well, it’s not thaaaat difficult, you know?

We will hold your hand from the very beginning until the very
last day of your studies.

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about you

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Agreed on the right
program, moment,

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payments, waiting

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Enjoy the ride!

But how does
this work?

Educa%y%tion agents usually do no%b%t
charg%b%e fees for the students.

We are part of the educational institutions' comprehensive Marketing and Sales branch.

Our job is to find the right institution (from around 1100 in Australia), and the right program (from about 14000) based on the information gathered from you, our knowledge and our experience.

You don't have to enrol with the institution we recommend you. You are the one to choose.

There are no limitations as long as you feel good about your decision.

“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organisation.”

Pat Wadors