About this
awesome team

We are a team of Latin American women
who have lived and studied abroad.

Like you, we were once in our home countries dreaming and wanting
to do something different with our lives, for ourselves, for our people.

We wanted to travel, to learn, to live.
To experience life differently.


Ana is Mum of Mariana and Miguel, wife of Dooley. Step Mum of Marianita, Sami, Euge, Tanja, Liz, Caro, Sebas, Dani… and many more, it's a little complicated. Ana has "adopted" a few kids worldwide while guiding them to study overseas and opening their wings to the world, no matter where their dreams may take them.

Based in Sydney, Ana has been a student counsellor for Australia and New Zealand studies since 2014. However, her counselling years started back in 1998, guiding her first students to Europe. Nowadays, Ana is again at Uni learning how to guide her students into the right path if they want to stay longer in Australia. She is studying Australian Migration Law at UTS.

It is Ana's passion to find the road to make your studies in Australia become a reality. 


Johanna is the cheerful one in the team. Always smiling, with a comforting word for everyone. The big sister of Brandon, Cami and Tomas. Mum of Nacho.

Johanna has travelled more than most of us; she has been to the five continents and has lived as a student in Melbourne and Sydney, where she studied for her Master Degree. However, that’s not enough for Johanna, who wants to keep on studying and learning. She knows she can change the world, and she can make a difference for her people. And we know she will make it.  Johanna is task-oriented, and she will achieve whatever she believes in. She can handle so many things simultaneously and always manages not only to survive but to succeed. 

Born among a circus family, she knows so much about moving, travelling, adapting, re-adapting, and changes. Travelled with a circus company worldwide for four years, she had the opportunity to live and share, day to day, with people from more than 30 different nationalities, getting to know, understand and learn from so many different cultures. She is a magical box full of incredible stories capable of understanding everyone, no matter where they come from or their beliefs.


Lorena is financial minded and data passionate.  She grew up in an academic environment. Universities have been an essential part of her parents and brother lives. She holds an MBA from the National University of Colombia. She enjoys continual learning as she believes it is the key to a better future for all.

A detail-oriented and empathic person, you won’t find anyone more organised and rigorous in conducting audits! She is the one taking care of your pennies, making sure they are soundly looked after, crucial when one is investing overseas in a different currency. 

Lorena knows from hands-on experience what it is like to be a student abroad. She has studied in both Canada and Australia. In the latter, she spent quite some time in Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, allowing her to enjoy and discover the Australian lifestyle.

She loves riding her bike and making friends. Studying and learning. She has big data dreams.


Paula. Or even sweeter, just Pau. 

Paula is the overachiever in the team. Everything she does is done thoroughly, to perfection, and on time, even if it means waking up in the middle of the night, so no one has to wait for her.  An Industrial Engineer by profession, Pau specialised in Environmental and Workers’ Health. Pau is Oolloo’s team student. We were so impressed by her attitude to life, we employed her!

Travelling to Australia was not an easy decision for her to take!  Thanks to Oolloo’s team guidance, she loved her time in Sydney and now works talking in English all day long (and night sometimes)!  She acknowledges it was one of the most extraordinary experiences in her life and has helped her grow as a person in every possible unthinkable way. Pau now lives back in Colombia, working for OOLLOO, helping people like you.


Proud Mum to Luis Jeronimo and wife to Mancell. Her family is above everything else in the world (and I mean it). After living in London, Maria and Mancell resided in Sydney for four years. They studied, worked, lived life, enjoyed it, made life friends, learnt about life, about missing family, about how much they wanted to go back and bring all the knowledge acquired back to their hometown.  Coming from a remote city, they found out how difficult it is to find sufficient and accurate information about travelling abroad. They know what is to feel left alone to make decisions by themselves, full of apprehension and doubts, empty of proper guidance and information. 

You can not imagine the immense love Maria feels for her remote region in Colombia and its culture. Her biggest dream is to work hard so that many people in her region have the opportunity to see the world. Hopefully, like her, you may come back to share your knowledge and the new perception of life with your people. Your decision to travel to study in Australia will affect generations that follow you!


Lina is the newest acquisition of team OOLLOO and the youngest one. It doesn’t worry us, as she looks and acts like the oldest one. Lina is also the youngest one of a big family living worldwide. She decided to become an international student herself and travel to the furthest place she could find by then: Sydney.  Lina has studied in the US, Croatia and currently is a Master of International Business candidate in Australia.

Born and raised in the Andes mountains, she believed future and success was in a corporate life like any good girl. One day she decided to pursue her inner voice, follow her dreams and quit to find true happiness and freedom in the waves, under the sun, whilst following her passion for counselling. Joining Oolloo has allowed Lina to combine her experience as a student worldwide with helping others build their professional paths and follow their dreams.


She is Paola. Mum to Raul Alfredo and Rufus. Both a bit hairy. Daughter of awesome Josue and Joyce and sister of Andres and Daniel… pretty cool brothers for her.  If you are feeling like partying or like deserving some happy time, hang around her. She will make your day. You will find her laughing and making jokes to everyone. 

Paola is one of the responsible ones of the processes at OOLLOO. Having studied International Business with a Specialisation in Marketing, Paola has also been an international student and has lived in different countries. Another one that keeps studying, now learning German.

Loves reading, dancing -even if it is at midnight on the table-, listening to music and doing yoga to keep her adrenalin levels lower… not an easy thing I tell you! 

Trust is everything for us!

And this is why you can trust in Oolloo:

Staff training

The whole team is preparing to be PIER - QEAC certified by the end of 2021 we will be NEAS certified before 2022 Ana is studying to become an Immigration Agent by 2022


Oolloo education PTY LTD is a legally registered company in Australia dedicated to guide international students coming to Australia

Certified Counsellors

Johanna and Ana are PIER - QEAC certified counsellors Ana is ICEF and Northern Territory certified


We are members of the International Students Education Agents Association based in Sydney


As a team, we have a common session once a week, to study together for becoming Qualified Agents. So far, only Ana and Johanna are certified, but the aim is to have the whole team certified this year 2021.

Qualified education
agent counsellor

Qualified education
agent counsellor

ICEF trained
agent counsellor

NT education agent

“Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work. Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make everyday.”

Andres Tapia & Nellie Borrero

We thrive serving the community and working for our students.
If you would like to work with us, please send us an email with your details and relevant information to